Growth Equity


We are interested in investment opportunities that have scope to build significant value and provide typical venture capital returns over a 3-7 year period. We invest in people, so our investigations will focus as much on management as on the business opportunity.


Stage and size

For our first investment in a business, we will look at seed deals through to Series A rounds. We are comfortable with pre-revenue businesses, but some commercial validation will be required.

We look to invest £50k-£250k in our first investment rounds, and up to a total of £500k per investment including follow-on financing. We are happy to co-invest and enjoy a strong relationship with several similar investors in the South East and more widely across the UK.



Having been on all sides of the funding game (as entrepreneurs, business angels and fund managers), the team at TVC understands the importance of working with management teams looking for finance to arrive at rapid but well-informed investment decisions. We are therefore dedicated to an approach that combines the flexible and timely decision-making often associated with private investors with the rigour, analytical and structuring expertise of institutional investors.